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Fun Extra Stuff: Aladdin and the Wonderful Nokia Continued

 Aladdin and the Wonderful Nokia (cont.):

Samara Sultana

    One day when Aladdin was done finishing up some jewel dealings, he was strolling in the financial district when he ran into a young woman carrying a coffee spilling it everywhere. 

"I am so sorry, " he cried, "I will buy you a new one...." he trailed off. The girl was beautiful. She had smooth caramel skin and jet black hair that had honey colored highlights blended into the ends of her hair, and the clearest hazel eyes he had ever seen. Aladdin was speechless.
"I doubt it, this dress costs more than what you make in 3 years" she scoffed. 
Aladdin remembered that even though he was in the financial district, he was still wearing his ragged jeans and green flannel. He stares at the ground lost at what to say now.
"Wait," says the girl, "I'm sorry that was really rude I should have been paying attention. I was frustrated with the conversation I was having. My name is Samara, but call me Sam. I didn't catch your's."
"I am Aladdin, and no it was not after the Disney movie, it is a family name. Hey, why don't I buy you a new coffee if you have the time?" he replied.
"Sure, you sound like a very chill person, but I don't like all those frilly 'white- mocha-cino-pumpkin-swirl' drinks." Sam replied. 
    Aladdin laughed and the two of them went to a nearby coffee shop where Sam ordered an iced black cold brew, while he went for a frozen hot chocolate with double whipped cream. Samara found this amusing, the two sat down at a table and began to chat. They wound up talking for hours about their likes, dislikes, and hobbies, even discovering a shared love for gaming and shared dislike of seafood. They were interrupted by the ringing of Samara's phone. 

"I am sorry I have to go. I have dinner with my father and fiance at this sushi restaurant a couple blocks over." Sam said.
"Wait I need an address to send your replacement dress.... wait fiance?!" replied Aladdin.
"I will explain another time, I will text you the address of my Dad's office so we can chat. Don't worry about the dress, really." She added before hurrying off.
Aladdin went home slightly dejected. He laid in bed that night with nothing but Samara on his mind, when his phone buzzed with a message,
"It's me, Sam. Here's my dad's office address, 
3596 Arabica Lane
Meet on the top floor at 3 PM tomorrow. See you soon!"

    Aladdin was overjoyed but confused. This woman was engaged but still he felt a strong connection with her and he got an idea. Aladdin got his Nokia out of his nightstand drawer and pressed the key pad, Eugene popped out and asked what he could do. Aladdin asked Eugene to summon the most gorgeous dress he could imagine, in the perfect size for Sam. Eugene disappeared and returned in seconds with an emerald green form fitting trumpet style dress with real emeralds clustered closely at the bottom, slowly spreading into smaller, more distance clusters approaching the high necked top. Aladdin didn't understand women's fashions but this was stunning. 
    The next morning, Aladdin got up early, unable to sleep well. He carried about his daily jeweler dealings then headed over to the coffee shop he and Sam went to the day before, dress in tow. He ordered an iced black cold brew and headed to the address she gave him careful not to spill the drink. He arrived at the address and was shocked, he was standing in front of the Sultan Industries office building. Sam was Samara Sultan, daughter of Mr. Sultan and heiress of Sultan Industries. 
    He nervously walked inside when a young man in an Armani suit shoved past him yelling "watch it street rat, or you won't have the joy of picking up anyone's dry cleaning at this company." Aladdin was shaken up a bit but nothing spilled so he continued to the elevator taking it to the top floor. There he was greeted at a grandiose desk by a petite woman with the tightest bun. She asked if he had an appointment with Mr. Sultan. Aladdin stammered nervously but before he could utter anything they were interrupted by shouting from the office located behind the desk. "I am an adult I can make my own choices!" a disgruntled Samara shouted before charging out of the office. She spotted Aladdin and her face softened, 

"Sorry about that, follow me to my office." 
"Wow you have your own office" replied Aladdin
"Not to brag but it's a whole floor, my dad kind of owns the company" she teased.
They entered the elevator and she scanned her key card as the went to the next floor down. 
"Whatcha got there?" Sam asked.
"Oh, I almost forgot this is to replace the dress I ruined" Aladdin said as he handed her the dress in a garment bag, "and this is just because" as he handed her the coffee and exiting the elevator. She had her own small coffee bar on the back wall of her "office" and  on the opposite wall, a gaming station with every console imaginable.
"Thank you! You totally didn't need to do that." she said sitting down in one of the gaming chairs while inviting Aladdin to sit in the other. Sam opened the dress and gasped with her mouth agape,
"It's amazing and perfect! You know if I wasn't engaged, you would be the perfect guy" Aladdin looked at his feet, "Look I am sorry. That is an awkward position to put you in" Samara apologized

    Samara then explained that Sultan Industries was in the process of absorbing Worthington Inc. and that Mr. Williamson was giving Mr. Sultan a great deal but only if Samara would marry his son, Chad. Samara explained that no matter how much she protested her father wouldn't budge, she found Chad boring and insufferable, but her father was the only family she had left and she was too afraid to lose him. Seeing Samara was so down, Aladdin suggested they play some Mario Kart. The two played video games for hours until once again, Sam had to leave to get ready for dinner.
    Once he was home, Aladdin had an idea. He summoned Eugene and asked that he take Chad Worthington to a beach on the West coast with beautiful waves. The next morning he received a text from Sam:

"You'll never believe it! Chad never showed for dinner and half way through he texted both of our fathers and myself that he was leaving the industry to pursue his true dream. Surfing! Are you busy later? Maybe we can finally hang for longer."  
    Aladdin replied that the situation was odd, unfortunately he had some business to attend to. Aladdin then talked with his mother. He asked if she would go to Mr. Sultan's office for him, knowing he likely would not be taken seriously. He asked Eugene to dress his mother up like a Wall Street woman and asked his mother to bring the box of jeweled phone cases. 
    When Aladdin's mother arrives she is greeted by the same tight-bunned woman Aladdin met the day before. The woman claimed that Mr.Sultan was taking no visitors right now but Aladdin's mom insisted. Finally, a worn out Mr. Sultan appeared from his office and told the receptionist to just let her in and stop the commotion. Aladdin's mom explains that her son is enthralled with Samara and wishes to be with her.
"Well unless your son has a multi-billion dollar company, I'm not interested" Sultan replied. " Oh but I will take one of those phone cases for my daughter, her fiance just ran off, this might cheer her up" Sultan grabs a case and being a man of taste realizes the jewels were real. 
"Where did you get these?" he asked. 
"My son. He has a small jeweler business." Aladdin's mom replied. Sultan then said, 
"Send him by tomorrow and let him know we will talk business." 

    Aladdin's mom returns and relays the news to Aladdin. He then summons Eugene, he asks Eugene to help him publicize the jewel work he has already done to the right people. He also requests that Eugene help him expand his market, therefore expanding his funds. Eugene took the name of giving his company the name Prince Ali's Fine Jewels Finally he asked Eugene to manage and calculate his assets, it turns out Aladdin had already gained 2 billion dollars, but Worthington industries was worth 2.3 billion. Eugene then informed Aladdin that with his new publicity he is projected to earn another billion overnight. Aladdin goes to sleep and sure enough when he wakes up, Prince Ali's had earned 3.7 billion dollars overnight. Apparently every rich CEO, celebrity, and obscure royalty needed jewels overnight. Aladdin got Eugene to dress him in a sleek grey suit, tapered at the waist and an emerald green tie matching Samara's dress. He drew up the reports he needed and set out to Sultan industries, saying goodbye to his mother before he left. She was proud that he was finally working hard at something, sure the it wasnt school or finding a job and sure Eugene did the heavy lifting, but Aladdin still had to think of what to ask for, and this cause was much more genuine than school or work, it was love.
    Aladdin reached the top floor of Sultan Industries and this time the receptionist was shocked to see him dressed up and immediately let Aladdin in. Sitting at his desk was Mr. Sultan, and in the corner Samara was leaning waiting to see what insufferable suitor her father found for her this time. Sam looked up and was surprised that it was Aladdin and began to speak when Aladdin but his finger to his lip indicating her to not reveal him. 

"Ah you must be the jeweler! I never caught your name, nor the name of your company?" Sultan questioned. 
"My apologies, Sir. I am Aladdin, founder of Prince Ali's Fine Jewels." replied Aladdin with confidence
"I have never heard of such a corporation." Sultan replied, he then Googled it and sure enough he saw thousands of results of all the celebrities, business moguls, and obscure royalty that had done business with Aladdin. 
" Here is a detailed report of my company assets" Aladdin handed Sultan a thick binder. Sultan looked at one page before saying,
"I don't need to see anymore, you are like a son to me now." Aladdin stopped him,
"I do not want to marry your daughter for business, nor do I want you to approve of me for business. I want you to know how I truly fell for your daughter without knowing who she was and only if she feels the same about me. Truth be told I met Samara 3 days ago and not a second has gone by where I haven't thought of her."  
    Sultan was moved and looked to Samara. Samara had no words, she practically leapt over the desk and into Aladdin's arms before planting a deep kiss on the lips. That was all Aladdin needed for an answer. He pulled out of his pocket an emerald ring, this was not retrieved by Eugene, Aladdin had picked this out himself. Samara put the ring on and said, "You couldn't think of a cheesier name? Prince Ali's?" and chortled.
    That evening while celebrating, Aladdin asked Eugene to conjure a three story luxury apartment ( with a game room of course) that would sit a top a new business office for Prince Ali's Fine Jewels. Here he and Samara lived for several months before they married. On their wedding day, Samara wore the emerald adorned dress Aladdin gave to her month ago. They then lived happily the rest of their days. 
    A year later, Aladdin and his mother received news that Amir had been arrested, the police contacted them because they were his only living family and possible victims. After Amir found out about Prince Ali's he knew this was the work of Eugene the Nokia Genie and sought to kill Aladdin and take his company. But he was caught driving a stolen vehicle and snapped under pressure and confessed to his murder plan that no one had even suspected. The officer who delivered the news said it was no surprise since his father was an international jewel thief before he died. Aladdin and his mother then knew that was why Aladdin's father never spoke to his brother and why they didn't know he had a son. 

Sort of What I Imagine the Emerald Dress to Be


The Arabian Nights' Entertainments by Andrew Lang and illustrated by H. J. Ford (1898) Source.

Authors Note:

I wanted to continue the story I wrote for week 5. It was a modern re-telling of Aladdin. I cut out the parts about transporting the princess to his own bed every night and some of the other dealings. I also cut the part where the magician steals everything from Aladdin and made him a more human criminal who fails and is actually related to Aladdin. Most importantly, I gave the princess a voice. She could make her own decisions but was heavily pressured with the risk of losing her only family, which is a reason why a lot of different people do things they hate. Samara was able to be herself with Aladdin and Aladdin did not "buy" her like in the original, he offered himself to her and eliminated the pressure of her father by being rich, allowing her to choose. I had fun writing this and just wanted to do something fun without making my assignment story way too long.

Week 5 Story: Aladdin and the Wonderful Nokia

Aladdin and the Wonderful Nokia

   Aladdin was a smart kid but he never applied himself in school and would rather have stayed at home and play video games. His parents ran a local laundromat in the center of their city, his dad worked so hard before he had a heart attack and passed when Aladdin was only 17, leaving his mother to raise him and run the laundromat. Aladdin's father had only one request before he died, he wanted Aladdin to make something of himself and put his clever mind to work. Four years have since passed and Aladdin is working at his family's laundromat, taking unauthorized 4 hour breaks twice a day.
    One day when his mother began her weekly scolding of Aladdin's laziness and wasting of potential, Aladdin stormed out and walked the busy urban streets playing Bejeweled on his phone. Suddenly, Aladdin ran into someone, when he went to apologize the man interrupted him and asked, 

"Are you the boy from the laundromat, the one owned by Mustafa?"
Aladdin replied, "Yeah, I am, but my dad died years ago. Do I know you?"
The man said, "Probably not, but I know you. Didn't your old man ever mention his older brother Ahmad?"
"Yeah but you look a little young to be him" replied Aladdin.
"You would be correct. Ahmad was my father. I am Amir. I am your cousin" said the young man.

    Aladdin brought Amir home to his mother elated to find someone close to his father. His mother knew of her husband's estranged (she never knew why the never spoke) older brother and Amir even had pictures of his father and her husband, so she welcomed him with open arms. Amir told the family that he worked for a new startup software company but was a street performing magician on the side to make rent while this software gig sorted itself out. Aladdin's mother offered him to stay with them and in return, Amir offered to get Aladdin a real job with the startup.
    The next day Amir took Aladdin to the business district of the city and helped him pick out a nice suit to go to the job interview with the startup the next day. Aladdin's mother was so happy to see him dressed up as she hadn't seen him in anything but jeans in years. The next day after lunch Aladdin and Amir set off to a city a few towns over where the interview with the startup was to take place. They drove for hours when Amir finally parked in front of an abandoned strip mall with a run down Cricket Wireless. Amir told Aladdin that there was something of great value inside and that it could only be retrieved by two members of their bloodline and since both of their fathers were gone it was up to them to retrieve it. Aladdin thought all of this was a bunch of bologna, but his mother always told him "don't argue with crazy" and Amir was definitely crazy. Aladdin went along with it and asked what needed to be done, and asked for the time since he left his phone at home and didn't want to be late to the interview. Amir said , "there is no interview, but after this we won't need to work ever again. Oh, take this it will help you keep track of time" and he handed Aladdin a nice Skagen watch. He told Aladdin only one could go inside because the structural integrity of the building was lapsing. He instructed Aladdin to go to the back of the store into the old back room and not to touch anything on the way there as they only had 5 minutes to get what they needed. Once he got to the back room there should be a box of bejeweled phone cases and next to it a Nokia 3310, he needed to grab the Nokia and get the hell out of dodge before the building collapsed.
    Aladdin did just that but managed to grab a box of phone cases hoping he could sell them on Ebay later. Right as Aladdin was going to exit, Amir asked him to hand over the phone but he had this crazy look in his eye that made Aladdin uneasy. Aladdin refused to give it over until he got all the way outside, hoping he could give Amir the phone and get help because this dude was seriously unstable. Amir then got frustrated and got back in the car and slammed on the gas, running into the front of the building which collapsed upon Aladdin, then sped off, leaving Aladdin for dead.
    Aladdin was not seriously injured as Amir had hoped, but he was stuck and had no way to call for help. After a few minutes of panic and accepting his fate, Aladdin remembered the Nokia, the phone was indestructible and he opened it hoping there may be a signal on the old phone. He began jamming keys on it trying to get it to work when suddenly a very well dressed but translucent holographic man popped up. Aladdin believed he was hallucinating until the man spoke, " Hi I am Eugene the genie. Contrary to popular belief, you don't get only 3 wishes, you get as many as you want as long as you have my Nokia." In desperation not knowing if this was reality or not, Aladdin screamed "get me out of here and get me home!"
    Sure enough, Aladdin woke up minutes later in one of the chairs in the laundromat. "Oh, hi Ali, how was the interview? Where's Amir?!" asked his Mother. Aladdin explained that Amir must have been a con and explained what happened, that's when his mother noticed the dirt on his face and tears in his clothes. His mother consoled him, "I'm sorry Ali, I know that job would have been your ticket out of here." Aladdin assured her, "mom, I have everything I need here with you, however I do have something that may solve our problems." Aladdin showed her the phone, "I haven't seen one of these in ages! I dropped mine so many times and it never broke, but I don't see your point. Maybe you should lie down." said his Mother. Aladdin drew the blinds and locked the doors and said "no Ma, watch what it can do." He dials the buttons again and out pops Eugene, "Hiya!" he says, causing Aladdin's mother to faint. When she comes to Eugene is still there. "Ask him for anything you want Ma" said Aladdin. "Well I would like to enjoy a nice quiet meal that isn't Easy Mac off of paper plates in my sweatpants." she said. In an instant Eugene was back with at least a dozen jewel encrusted silver plates of fine foods like lobster and Jamon Iberico, Aladdin's mother was suddenly dressed in a Vera Wang dress and a HUGE diamond necklace with atrocious ruby earrings. His mother was in awe and they enjoyed a fabulous meal.
    After dinner Aladdin's mom confessed, "I loved the meal, however this outfit and this jewelry is not my taste and I don't think Jeweled silver is dishwasher safe. What are we going to do with this?" Aladdin suggests going into the business district in the morning and visiting the many jewelers. They do this and bring back several millions, they also discovered the rhinestone phone cases were made with real jewels but they decided not to sell those. They continue this process on a weekly basis for quite some time, now selling the wares privately to celebrities and other well to do individuals. Allowing them to move out of the apartment above the laundromat and into a nice loft, deciding to still run the laundromat Aladdin's father but so much work into. They finally were living comfortably and worry free.

The Infamous Nokia 3310     Image Source


  • The Arabian Nights' Entertainments by Andrew Lang and illustrated by H. J. Ford (1898) Source.

Authors Note:

    I went a little longer on this one but I really wanted to tell this story from a modern perspective while acknowledging Aladdin's cleverness and wit without focusing on his obsession over a princess. I do intend to build on this story with the addition of a love interest similar to a princess. I was just running out of space before the story got too long. Update: I finished the follow up and you can find it here .

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Reading Week 5 B: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

 Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

  The Arabian Nights' Entertainments by Andrew Lang and illustrated by H. J. Ford (1898) Source.
  • Poor tailor had a son, Aladdin who just like to play all day and that grieved his father so much he died, even though the mother prayed and cried he still didnt change his ways
  • one day while playing he was asked his age and was asked if he was the son of Mustapha the tailor, and he said yes but he died a ling while ago
  • The stranger was a famous african magician and hugged him and kissed him saying hhe was his uncle and he knew because aladdin looked like his brother and told him to go tell his mom
  • Aladdin did so and the mother said she knew of the brother but thought he was dead. she prepared supper and sent aladdin to go get his uncle who came with wine and fruit kissing the place where his brother used to sit. 
  • He asked what Aladdin did for a living and he hung his head and his mother cried. Seeing he did nothing the uncle offered to buy a shop and stock it so that aladdin had a business he could run 
  • Next day he bought him a nice suit and showed him the sights  and brought him home where his mother rejoiced upon seeing her son all cleaned up
  • Next day he led aladdin through some pretty gardens outside of the city then sat at a fountain and pulled out a cake that they divided and ate then journeyed almost to the mountains while aladdin begged to go back the uncle just kept telling stories 
  • they reach the valley between two mountains and uncle says he will make fire if aladdin goes and gets some wood 
  • when the fire was going the uncle threw a powder on it and said some magic words and the earth trembled and opened a revealed a square stone with a brass ring in the middle, Aladdin tried to run but his uncle caught him and knocked him down
  • Aladdin asks what he did to warrant that and his uncle says dont worry but listen to me because there is a treasure below that can only be your and no one else can touch it but you have to do exactly what I say
  • he opens the door saying the name of his father and grandfather stairs appear and Uncle says to go down and then there will be 3 halls that all lead to a fruit garden but he cant touch anything else or he will die. but to grab the oil from a lighted lamp and bring it back to him
  • he gives aladdin a ring and wishes him luck then aladdin does everthing and Uncle tried to get aladdin to quickly give him the lamp before he was out of the cave but aladen refused to untilhe was out of the cave
  • Uncle got mad and threw a fit and then put more powder on the fire closing the stone on aladdin and disappeared from persia forever. He was not Aladdins uncle but just a con magician who wanted to use aladdin and then kill him afterwards
  • Aladdin was stuck in the cave for two days and then prayed as he did he rubbed the ring and immediately a genie rose out of the earth saying he was slave of the ring and would obey him in all things
  • Aladdin asked to be freed and he was but then fainted and when he came to he told his mother what went down and showed her al lthe fruits he gathered which in actuality wher precious stones. he asked his mom for food and she said she didnt have anythig but to sell the litte bit of cotton she has 
  • he told her not to worry and said he would sell the lamp instead but because it was dirty she tried to rub it clean and thegenie apeared and asked what she wanted but she fainted
  • aladdin asked for food and genie returned with a silve rbowl, 12 plates with rich meat, and two silver cups with two bottles of wine
  • mom comes to and ask where the food came from but aladdin says to just eat and they sat and ate all day when aladdin tells his mom the truth of the lamp and she begged him to sell it because she wants nothing to do with devils
  • he says no because chance gave it to them as well as the ring and then sold one of the silver plates and kept going until they had none and then aksed the genie for food the same way everyday selling the plates the next for many years
  • one day Aladdin heard an order that everyone was to stay inside shutters closed so that the Sultan's daughter may bathe
  • Aladdin was seized by desire to see her face which was near impossible as she was always veiled. he hid behind the door of the bath and peeped through a hole and he saw her beautiful face as she lifted her veil and fell in love instantly. 
  • he went home a changed man which frightened his mother and he told her how he loved the princess and could not live without her and that he will ask for her hadnd. 
  • his mom laughed at this but aladdin went for it anyway so she got a napkin adn filled it with the fruits from the magic garden so they could please the sultan
  • mom goes in and sees the sultan who took no notice of her and she did this for a week until the Sultan told his Vizir of a woman carrying a napkin around in his audience chamber every day and to let her up next time
  • Next day she arrives and kneels at the sultan who tells her to rise and asks what she wants.
  • she hesitated so sultan cleared the room of everyone but Vizer and she told him about Aladdin's violent love for Princess and asks for forgiveness and prayed he would forget her but he has not and tells of how he threatened to do some deperate deed unless she asked for him
  • she then asks for forgiveness for her and Aladdin
  • Sultan asks about the napkin, she shows him and asks the Vizir what he thinks. Vizir wanted the princess to marry his son so he said to wait 3 months hoping his son would  come up with another present by then
  • he conveyed this to Aladdin's mom  and he waited patiently for two months when everyone talks of the son of Vizir marrying the princess 
  • knowing Sultan broke his promise, Aladdin commands the genie to bring him the bride and groom tonight then went to his room . 
  • Genie obliges and aladdin tells him to put the groom in the gold and return him in the morning leaving aladdin with the princess
  • aladdin explains not to worry because she was promised to him by her unjust father. Princess does not enjoy this and has a miserable evening sleeping nect to aladdin. they are both returned to the palace at daybreak
  • the Vizir's son hid in the morning when the Sultan came to tell her good morning, but the princess would not speak, the mother came and asks why and she finally tells her of the nights events and the mother chalks it up to a dream
  • This happens again but this time when princess does not speak, Sultan threatens to cut off her head, she spills the beans and tells them to ask the Vizir's son, he backs this up and says that even though he loves the princess, he cannot go through that again and wanted to be seperated from her, they celebrated
  • when the 3 months was over Aladdin sent his mother to remind the Sultan of his promise, as his mother stood, he remembered his promise and after seeing her poverty he is less inclined to keep it, Vizir told him to ask a price that no man could obtain
  • he tells her if aladdin can bring 40 basins of gold and jewels carried by forty black slaves and led by many white ones splendidly dressed. 
  • mother tells aladdin who is quick to reassure her it can be done and gets the genie to do so and soon 80 slaves arrive dresses in fine wears and basins of gold on their heads, aladdin sent the slaves and  his mother to the palace
  • Sultan says heck yes and sends Aladdin's mom back to get him and be quick
  • Aladdin has the genie make a dcented bath and give him an embroidered habit and 20 slaves to attend him then 6 for his mother and for her to be beautifully dressed and 10,000 gold coins in 10 purses
  • no one recognized him and when sultan saw him he got up from his throne and hugged him then lead him to a feast in the hall intending to marry the princess off  that day
  • aladdin says no because he needs to build a palace fit for her
  • he asks genie to build a palace of fine marble, with jasper, agate, and other prescious stones and in the middle a large hall with a dome, 4 walls that has massy gold and silver with 6 windows on each and all but one left unfinshed which must be set with diamonds and rubies. he must have stables with horses and grooms and slaves 
  • it was finished the next day and genie carried him there to show him all the deeds carried out and even laying velvet carpet from the Sultan's palace to Aladdin's 
  • mother dressed and walked back with her slaves where the Sultan had sent musicians with trumpets and cymbals to announce them
  • that night the princess said goodbye to her dad and set out on the carpet to aladdin's palace with his mother right by her and 100 slaves behind them.
  • She was charmed by aladdin who ran to see her and apologized for his boldness and if he displeased her but she was just so beautiful, she let him know that she willingly obeyed her father in the marriage after seeing aladdin the day prior
  • after the wedding aladdin led her to the hall where a feast took place and they danced until midnight
  • the next day he invited the sultan who was amazed but was confused as to why one window was not finished
  • Aladdin says that he did it purposefully so that the Sultan may have the joy of finishing the palace
  • Sultan sent for the best jewelers in the city who couldnt find enough jewels so the Sultan said to use his own, then it still took so long that aladdin had them undo it and send back the jewels and had the genie do it
  • that surprised Sultan so he visited aladdin with Vizir and Sultan admired the finished window but Vizir suspected enchantment
  • everyone loved aladdin as he was gentle and made captain of the Sultan's armies and won several battles but still remained moddest
  • Word of Aladdin spread to the Evil Magician in Africa and knew this was because of the lamp and travelled non stop until he reached the capital of china where everyone talked of a marvelous palace and when he asked what it was they told him it was Prince Aladdin's and is then offered to be led to it 
  • seeing it he knew for sure it was the work of a genie and went mad with rage and sought the lamp so he could drive aladdin to poverty
  •  aladdin was gone hunting so the magician bought a dozen new lamps and went around exchanging old for new, the princess heard the comotion and had a slave check it out
  • then another slave let them know about the dirty old genie lamp not knowing what it was and so the princess exchanges it.
  • he then leaves the city and waits until nightfall then asks the genie to take the princess and entire palace and him to a lonely place in africa
  • Sultan wakes up and does not see the palace and Vizir tells him it is enchantment and Sultan believes him now. they fetch aladdin with 30 men and bind him in chains and forced them on foot to the palace. armed people followed to make sure aladdin was not harmed because they loved him
  • Sultan ordered him to be beheaded and right as he was going to die Vizir noticed the people forced their way into the palace to save aladdin and Sultan was scared and let Aladdin go
  • Aladdin then asked what he did and Sultan shows aladdin that the palace was gone and that he wants them back but mostly his daughter and give aladdin 40 days to find her and if he failed he would dies
  • he wandered the first three days like a madman asking about his place but they only laughed 
  • finally he knelt at a river to pray before he threw himself in to die but he rubbed the ring which summoned the genie from the cave. He asks for his life to be saved and his palace back. genie says he cant do that because he is the slave of the ring and that he must ask the slave of the lamp for his request.
  • aladdin asks then if he could just take him to be under his dear wife's window  and found himself in africa where he fell asleep and awoke to birds singing and saw all of his surff there 
  • The princess woke up early as she hadnt slept well since she was captured, he also required her to keep his company once a day she was so harsh to him that he did not want to live at the palace all the time
  • as she dressed one of her maids saw aladdin and let her know. she ran and opened the window and seeing aladdin made a noise that drew his attention and called to him with joy, they kissed
  • he asks that before they speak  of anything else she tells him what she knows of the old lamp of his and she tells him and now aladdin knows who he is dealing with and asks where the lamp is now
  • she says the magician keeps it with him and that he wants princess to break faith with aladdin and marry him saying aladdin was beheaded by the sultan but she says she only cries in response fearing but knowing the likelihood he will use violence
  • Aladdin comforts her and left to change clothes with the first person he met and bought a special powder then went back to her. He tells her to put on her most beautiful clothes and then to lead the magician to believe she has forgotten about aladdin and to be sweet to him and ask to taste the wine of his country. when he leaves to get it, aladdin will tell her the next steps
  • she does this and dresses herself nicely for the first time since leaving home. Aladdin gives her the powder and tells her to put it in the her cup. when magician poured the wine she toasts to her health and switches glasses with him as a sign of forgiveness. 
  • before he drank the magician made a speech in praise of her but the princess cut him off asking that she may drink first and then let him finish. she set her cup to her lips and left it there  while the magician drained his cup then fell back dead
  • The princess opened the door for aladdin and embraced him but he told her she must  leave him so he can finish the work. he takes the lamp back and bade the genie to take everything back to where they were supposed to be and the princess only felt two tiny shocks and did not even realize she was back home
  • Sultan was in his closet mourning his daughter when he looked out his window and saw the palace again and he hurried there where aladdin met him and told him that the magician had done this and showed him the dead  body so he knew for sure
  • they had a ten day feast and everyone thought they would live in peace 
  • the magician had a younger brother who was possibly more evil than he who traveled to China to avenge the death of his brother and to visit a pious woman named Fatima thinking she may be helpful
  • he broke into her cell and held her at knife point demanding to do his bidding , he switched clothes with her and colored his face like hers then killed her so she couldn't tell anyone
  • he went towards the palace with all the people thinking he was the holy woman and got to the palace with such a crowd that the princess had a slave look at what was happening and she said that it was Fatima curing people
  • the princess long wanted to meet her so she sent for "Fatima" who offered a prayer to her health and prosperity upon arrival. the princess had "her" sit and begged for her to stay forever. the fake fatima agreed but kept her veil down and showed her the hall thinking nothing of it
  • fatima says it is pretty but she only wants one thing, a roc's egg hung from the dome and the princess then wanted it, when aladdin returned he noticed she was grouchy and asked why and she said it was because she wanted the roc's egg
  • he commanded the genie to bring him a roc's egg and then the genie screamed so loud saying that he has done everything but now he wants be to bring his master and hang him up in the hall and that the palace deserves to be burned with aladdin and his wife inside but notes that this requwst is not from his wife but rather the magicians brother who is disguised as the holy woman he murdered and that aladdin should hide 
  • aladdin went to the princess saying his head hurt and to get fatima to heal him. when fake fatima gets close, aladdin stabs "her" and the princess is angry because she thinks she is real Fatima.
  • Aladdin tells her of the deception and after this they lived in piece and even succeeded the Sultan when he died and left a long line of kings 
Disney's Representation of Aladdin Image Source

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Reading Week 5: Ancient Egypt (A)

Note: I will only be reading the section A for Ancient Egypt and will be reading section B of Arabian Nights: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

Ancient Egypt Part A

Egyptian Myth and Legend by Donald Mackenzie (1907) Source.


  • world was watery wasteland Nu, abode of Great Father he was Nu
  • Nu gave being to the sun god who said I am Khepera at dawn Ra at noon and Tum at evening
  • Ra was a shining egg which floated upon the water with the spirits of the deep who were friends of Nu
  • Ra was more powerful than Nu who created him and he was ruler of the gods
  • Ra first created Shu the wind god and his lady Tefnut who had the head of a lioness aka "the spitter" because she caused rain. they were known in the constellations of heaven and they were called "the twins"
  • Next was Seb the god of the earth and Nut goddess of the firmament who became the parents of Osiris and his lady, Isis, and also Set and his lady Nepthys
  • at the begginning of creation Ra made the earth and sky rise from the watery waste, then Shu (the uplifter) raised Nut up high. 
  • Nut formed the vault that arches over Seb god of the earth who lies beneath Nut. In the east horizon she is on her toes to the west horizon where bending her arms down resting upon her finger tips. 
  • in the dark the stars sparkle on her body and over her unwavering limbs
  • When Ra uttered his thoughts they came to being and when he looked at space anything he desired appeared. He created everything that moves on water and earth including mankind and became the first king on earth and walked among men taking their form but to him centuries were like years

The Secret Name of Ra

  • Ra had many names that gods nor men knew and had a secret name that gave him his divinity
  • the goddess Isis was sick of the ways of mankind while dwelling under guise as a mortal woman but she would rather be amongst the gods
  • as an enchantress she wanted power equal to Ra both on heaven and earth she wished to know the secret name that was hidden
  • each day Ra walked with ta train of the gods behind him and sat on his throne and spoke his decrees, he was really old so sometimes he spit and it fell on the ground
  • Isis followed behind and baked the saliva into a spear shape and then it became a venomous snake. she placed it on the path Ra took everyday and it was invisible to all but her
  • the day came when Ra came across the path and was bit by the snake  and screamed in pain but no one knew what had caused this and asked Ra who said nothing but trembled as venom flowed from his flesh then gathered himself
  • he gathered the gods around him as he fears death from this unseen thing that stuck him saying he had never been in such pain. he even called upon his father Nu who gave him his secret name and concealed it in his heart and ask that all his children be brought to him so that they can speak the words of power which shall be felt upon earth and in the heavens.
  • Isis came too and everyone but her were all so sorrowful she spoke the words that could subdue pain and give life to the lifeless
  • isis asked ra what had hurt him and said he was bit by a surpent that must have been created by him and that she will thwart the enemy with magic 
  • and Ra once again describes his pain to which isis responded that she cannot help him unless she know his secret name
  • Ra says I created literally everything including life itself so no one know my name. other than being Khepera at dawn Ra at noon and Tum at dawn
  • He was still dying and Isis reminded him he still hadn't said the secret name so she cannot help him
  • Ra was in so much pain he asked the Great Father Nu that his secret name be transferred to the heart of Isis
  • Ra vanished and when the secret name was passing from Ra to Isis she told her son Horus to compel the tuling god a spell to change his eyes into the sun and moon 
  • she then recieved the name and pulled the venom from Ra and he was cool again

Ra and Hathor

  • as Ra grew old his subjects started talking trash saying his bones were silver and flesh turned to cold but his hair was still true lapis laxuli
  • Ra heard of this and asked for Shu and Tefnut as well as Seb and Nut who were with him in the beginnig of creation but askes them to be secretive.
  • Ra asks his dad Nu for help and says he is planning a flood to wipe out all but his son Osiris and his son Horus making Osiris king of the dead and Horus of flame.
  • Nu spoke and told him that people still fear him and to send his eye out against the rebels. The eye will be known as Hathor and no human eye can be raised against this
  • Hathor the goddess rejoiced in her slaying of rebels and waded in their blood for nights
  • Ra then felt bad and tried to save what was left of man kind by sending messengers to Eleohantine so they can obtain plants of virtue and were steeped with barley in vessels with the blood of man which made 7,000 jars of beer with it 
  • the next day Hathor left to go slay again and Ra told his servants to go to where she slept and pour the blood beer out so it floods 
  • she woke and was so happy and saw her face in the beer flood and began drinking it and was so drunk that she went all through the land but killed no one
  • Ra asked her to come back peacefully and she did but the first festival of every new year handmaidens and priestesses are to prepare sweet draughts for Hathor to keep her at bay
  • Every year when the Nile rose in a red flood they prepared offerings of beer to Hathor and took part as well also being drunk
  • Ra also decided he does not want to destroy man but does not want to live with them either
  • he was also weary so he asked nU for help who told Shu(atmosphere god)  and Nut(goddess of heaven) to help Ra
  • Nut took the form of the Celestial Cow and Shu lifted Ra on her back and then darkness came. men came from hiding and saw Ra being toted away and felt bad for the things they have said against him and asked that his enemies be slain 
  • Ra was borne again and men followed him until he appeared and shed light on earth and picked up their arms and slaughtered the enemies of Ra

The Sun's Journey

  • picking up where the story left off
  • Ra was cool with the slaughtering and figured this made up for the sins of man and decided that earth was not the place for him
  • Ra then went through the realms above and divided and ordered them He called into existence the field of Aalu and caused an assembly of many beings to be in heaven even the stars made by Nut and millions came to praise Ra
  • Ra gave Shu the task of keeping these being that shine in the night, Shu lifted his arms and the millions of stars to the sky 
  • Ra asked the earth god Seb to find out why snakes hated him and to tell Nu about it and let the snakes know that Ra's Rays will shine on them and he will teach mankind how to thwart reptiles and Osiris will reward the magicians who protect them
  • He then calls forth thoth and makes a place in the great deep/underworld known as Duat. Thoth will record the sins of man and names of enemies and shall keep them in Duat and gave Thoth the ibis, crane, and dog ape as messengers
  • Ra said his beauty will be sptead in darkness and night will join with day and the moon of Thoth (Ah) was created
  • When the land is dark the Sun Barque(boat) of Ra passes through the twelve hour ling divisons of night in Duat and at eventide, as Tum, Ra is old and frail, 75 invocations are chanted to give him power to overcome the darkness the he enters the western gate where dead sols pass to be judged before Osiris. In front of him is Anubis who is the Opener of Ways, Ra holds his sceptre and the Ankh ( symbol of life)
  • when the boat reaches the river Urnes in the underworld Ra's companions are there (watchman, striker, and steersman) as well as divine beings that chant incantations to overcome evil demons
  • The first hour of dark has the brightness of Ra scattered and by the end of the first hour is a strong wall and a gate that opens by the magic incantations, this continues every hour with the intensity of demons increasing. Apep ( the night serpent) constantly trying to eat him
  • hour 5 his the domain of Sokar the underworld god with 3 human heads, a snake body, and wings his palace is guarded by sphinxes and also the Drowning Pool looked after by 5 gods , in the pool there are genii being tortured with everlasting fire
  • hour 7 is Osiris the judge of the dead and fire snakes obey his will some have many heads and feet and hands with knives to cut souls of the wicked. Those Osiris favors lives in the Nether World, the others he rejects and the snakes get tid of them to be tortured and eaten. Here Apep also tries to eat Ra by encircling his ship but the allies hold him back with Isis uttering incantations allowing an unscathed and on time ship. 
  • In hour 8 snakes spit fire to light the dark, 10 has water reptiles and Ravenous fishes, hour 11 Horus burns beacons ruddy flames and flames of gold engulf the enemies of Ra 
  • in hour 12 Ra is reborn, entering the tail of the snake "divine life" and its through the mouth in the form of Khepera who is a beetle, those with Ra are also reborn, the last gate is guarded by Isis (sister/ wife of osiris) and Nepthys (wife of Set) who are in snake form where they  get on the boat
  • Urnes, the River of Duat now flows into the primeval ocean where Nu lives and as Ra is lifted out at the beginning of time, He is lifted out of the water now, He is then taken by Nut goddess of the heavens and is born of her then grows in majesty ascending to high noon 


  • when Ra got old and went to heaven Osiris took over on earth and ruled over Egypt whose inhabitants were savage at the time and sinful
  • osiris fixed this with laws and eise judgement alongside his queen isis who was very wise, seeing the need of mankind she gathered wild wheat and barley and gave it to Osiris who taught mankind to farm and grind meal as well as how to cultivate fruit trees
  • He taught them to properly worship the gods and even to erect temples and live life holy
  • He went forth to spread this lifestyle to the world not through violence but peacefully , While he was gone Isis ruled 
  • Isis was stronger than Set who was jealous of his brother and he tried to stir tebellion but Isis was frustrated by this while Set plotted to overthrow Osiris with his 72 subjects of the queen of Ethiopia

Death of Osiris

  • Upon his return Osiris saw great celebration and a feast which Set attended bringing a beautiful ornate chest perfect sized for Osiris and said he would give it to anyone who fit it exactly
  • No one suspected anything so they tried it out but no one fit until Osiris tried and he fit but before he could get out Set and his cronies closed him in and he suffocated
  • the feast ended suddenly and blood flowed instead of beer while Set's followers disposed of the chest in the Nile reaching the ocean in the morning 
  • When Isis heard the news she was so sorrowful she cut off part of her hair and dressed in mourning clothes and searched for Osiris not resting until she found him but no one knew where he could be until shoreland children told her of a chest that had floated into the Delta mouth 
  • While this was going on Set took over and ruled with greed and sin and tyranny persecuting all who followed Osiris and dictating Isis a fugitive who hid in the swamps and jungles with 7 protector scorpians
  • Ra saww all this from heaven and felt bad so he sent Anubis the son of Osiris and Nepthys to be her guide as he was " the opener of ways"
  • Isis sought shelter witha poor woman who was so scared by the scorpians she turned Isis away but one scorpion made it in and bit her child who then died, Isis heard the cries of sorrow and magically rose the child. after this the mother gave her shelter out of thanks

Journey of Isis

  • while Isis was staying with the woman she gave birth to her and Osiris' son Horus but Set found out where they were hiding and caused them to be imprisoned in that home and sought to kill Horus so he couldn't usurp him and claim the throne
  • Thoth came from heaven and warned Isis who fled in the night and hid in Buto where she gave Horus to the Keeping of Uazit the virgin goddess of that city (she was also a snake) so that he would be protected while she continued her search for Osiris
  • one day she came to look at her child and found he was dead from a scorpion bite but she could not restore life agian after helping the poor woman's child so she asked Ra for help who sent down Thoth who restored his life and was now destined to grow stronger than Set to kill his father's slayer
  • The chest of Osiris was driven all the way to Byblos, Syria where a sacred tree grew around it. The local king marvelled at it because it grew so quickly and wanted the tree to be cut down so it was and kept as a pillar in his house with no one knowing the secret of what it contained
  • Isis had a revelation about this and headed to Byblos and sat beside a well crying while dressed as a local. some women who came to get water tried to comfort her but she would not stop crying until the Queen's handmaids arrived
  • she spoke kindly to them and braided their hair but breathed a sweet perfume into each lock of hair So that when the girls went back to the palace the queen would demand the strange woman be found and brought to her
  • This happened and the queen liked Isis and allowed her to be the foster mother to the royal baby, however Isis refused to suckle the baby and just put her finger in his mouth instead.
  • when night fell she caused fire to burn away his flesh and flew away as a swallow uttering sorrowful cries around the pillar that contained Osiris.
  • The queen found the burning baby and rescued him but she denied his ability to gain immortality
  • Isis assumed her  normal form and revealed herself to the queen then asked for the sacred pillar and thus was granted
  • she cut into the trunk and retrieved the chest and hugged it crying that the royal baby had died as such. she consecrated the pillar and wrapped it in linen and myrrh and placed it in a temple that the king later erected to Isis and was long worshipped by the people of byblos
  • Osiris' coffin was loaded onto the ship Isis had taken to syria and took with her Maneros the kings first born.
  • Isis longed to see her husband again kissing  his dead body, Maneros was being nosy and sneakily peeked at the contents of the box and Isis whipped around in anger and blinded him causing him to fall to his death in the sea
  • When she arrived in egypt she hid the coffin and went to Buto to retriever her son at that time Set came boar hunting in the jungle and found the chest and opened it and spread the body of Osiris in 14 pieces in the Nile for crocs to eat but the reptiles were scared of Isis and refused to eat. 
  • However A fish (oxyrhynchus) ate Osiris' "bits"
  • Isis was filled with grief when she learned of Set's actions and she made a Papyrus boat and sailed up and down the deta searching for the fragments of Osiris finding all but the piece the fish ate. 
  • she then buried each piece where they were found and made a tomb for each where they were worshiped for centuries.

King of the Dead

  • Set continued to rule over Egypt persecuting followers of Isis and Osiris but Horus grew into a strong man and became a great warrior in preparation to avenge his family. He was followed by ythe Mesniu smiths who had pristine weapons of war with the sunhawk engraved on them
  • On night Osiris appeared to Horus in a dream who urged him to over throw Set, so Horus gathered an army and went forth to avenge Osiris
  • Set went agianst Horus at Edfu and slayed many followers but Horus had gotten the help of many tribes faithful to Osiris and Isis. Set was attacked and driven to the east and cried in grief while resting at Zaru
  • at Zaru the last battle was waged and went for many days, Horus even lost an eye, but Set was way worse for wear and was driven out of the kingdom
  • Thoth descended from the Heavens and healed both Horus and Set who then had to appeare before the divine council that he should have the thrown but council ruled in favor of Horus as rightful king who became a wise and just king like his father Osiris
  • *  in another version of the story Nepthys and Isis wept over the pieces of Osiris and Ra hearing this sent Anubis  who with the help of Thoth and Horus, bandaged up the pieces of Osiris (originating the form of the mummy) then winged Isis hovered over the body and air from her wings entered the nostrils of Osiris and was imbued with life and became judge and king of the dead

The Wax Crocodile

  • Pharaoh was a handsome young man and the scribe's wife had a secret love for him and soon she was sending gifts to him and they began to have secret meeting at the summer house 
  • head butler told the scribe what was happening so the scribe asked a servent to bring him a specific magic box and made a wax crocodile and then cast a spell on it and instructed the butler to put it in the lake where the young Pharaoh bathes
  • on a different day the scribes wife was with Pharaoh in the summer house and the young Pharaoh went to the lake at night, at this time the butler put the wax croc in the water and it came to life and grabbed the Pharao and dragged him away
  • a week passes and the scribe spoke to the Big Pharaoh asking what to do and invited the King to his villa. He obliged and they both stood at the lake where the scribe magically summoned the croc who had Young Pharaoh in his mouth. 
  • Scribe explained that it does his bidding and Pharaoh Sr. asked him to send it back to the lake, Scribe touched it and it turned to wax. Pharaoh Sr. was amused while Pharaoh Jr. just stood there
  • Pharaoh Sr. commanded the croc to "seize the wrong doer" and it sprang to life and grabbed Pharaoh Junior and disappeared never to be seen again
  • Pharaoh Sr. also said Scribe's cheating wife should be punished by being burned alive on the north side of her house then her remains tossed in the Nile.

The Green Jewel

  • King Sneferu (King Snef for this) was gloomy and wandered the Palace waiting to be cheered up but with no success. He summoned his head Scribe and told him of this bored gloom
  • Scribe told him to go boating and have the prettiest girls be the rowers. It will make you happy to see them splashing around wit hthe birds and green shores and flowers and such, he would even join
  • the king got 20 pretty virgins and they rowed with ebony oars adorned with gold. The king did enjoy this and the girls sang. 
  • as the boat turned one of the oar handles brushed the hair of one girl and out from it fell a green jewel which fell into the water so she stopped singing and rowing and the others followed suit
  • the king told them not to pause and to keep going. The girls said that the steering girl had stopped, King asks why. Girl says "I lost my green jewel in the lake" and King Snef says he can just get her another but the girl insists on having her own 
  • King snef tells the Scribe this excursion has cheered him up but that this girl lost her jewel and doesnt want another 
  • Scribe did some magic and divided a lane in the lake and went down and got the jewel and came back and then fixed the lake
  • The went on with the rowing and then King Snef gave gifts to the Scribe and everyone marveled at his accomplishment
Jade Pendant Image Source

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Story Book Plan


Dogs of Mythology

Here is my Mushy Dog, Archie.
Personal Photo


Story Ideas

  •     The stories about dogs in Greek Mythology are fairly short so for this segment it would be a couple of the dogs from Greek mythology telling their stories to each other. I will definitely mention Cerberus, Argos, and probably Laelaps. Their stories are mentioned briefly in a prior post.
  •     The Egyptians are known for revering cats highly but what a lot of people don't know is that the revered dogs just as highly. It was a crime to kill a dog and even harsher a crime if the dog was collared and clearly a pet. People would mourn their dogs as they would their humans, believing they will meet them again in the afterlife. When dogs died people would shave their heads and eyebrows, which was the sign of mourning. Anubis was represented with the head of a Dog, some say it is a jackal but the Egyptians actually did not distinguish between domestic dogs and jackals given that the breeds in that region closely resembled them.
  •     Aztec god of fire and lightning but also twins, deformities, and sickness. He is the king of the underworld and in Aztec mythology, not a very nice guy. Dogs were looked down upon in Aztec culture so I want to display probably the only dog that could be a "bad boy." He was also the twin of Quetzalcotl who was highly revered. This is kind of odd given that twins were seen as a deformity. In the creation story all the gods sacrifice themselves for the sake of the world, Xolotl acted as the executioner who was supposed to sacrifice himself at the end. There are different endings to this, some include him actually commiting suicide as he is supposed to, others have him not doing so then crying so hard his eyes fall out, and another has Quetzalcotl returning and exacting punishment. No matter how it happens Xolotle is seen as a trickster with hollow eye sockets. 

Story Format

I would like to make this an anthology of formats being told by the different dogs at at dog park

Main Idea

I would like to get the idea across that there are important animals in mythology and that dogs can be just as interesting as humanoids in mythology.

Comment Wall


Olive and Archie Snuggling

Personal Photo
I chose this photo because my project is about mythological dogs and why not include two of the sweetest dogs around. Here is a link to my project, Dogs of Mythology

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Week 4 Lab: Microfiction David

Week 4 Lab: Microfiction


David and the Barren Hill

David, a shepherd boy and poet who loved to sing and dance, upon finishing his day's labors, walked through the valley which spoke to him. Suddenly, a voice called "One day you will be king." David turned around and saw nothing but a hill in the distance but decided to approach it. The closer he got to the hill, he noticed a barren tree on top and climbed the hill noting how barren it was entirely. When reaching the top, the tree was made of horn. David at dug the ground with his knife but it was tough as hide.

Lions, Unicorns, and Deer, Oh My!

The hill David stood upon began to move and rise higher realizing he was on a Unicorn. He decided when Unicorn lowered its head to drink would hop off. A Lion comes along that David cannot see from such heights, he demands Unicorn bow for he is king of the animals, the unicorn obliges. David jumps down face to face with Lion and prepares to fight. A Deer scoops up David running him to the nearest village telling David he was sent to rescue a future king. David goes on to become king and turns his songs into psalms.


Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends, Gertrude Landa Text Source